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A/V Gel-Moisturising Beauty Gel


Aloe vera is a plant that presents a natural soothing gel. Aquiring aloe vera benefits for face and skin are mandatory.


Generic Name : Herbal Products

Brand Name : A/V Gel-Moisturising Beauty Gel

Manufacture Name : AYUR

Presentation : Pack 150GM

Product Code : TCM247 935

Delivery Days : 10 working

SKU: N/A Category:


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Ans: Yes you are unbound to to ask anyone. There is no need for any prescription. But some online pharmacies may ask for a prescription to buy this cream.

Ans: Yes, it is easy to store. However you must keep some instructions in your mind which are as follows:

Keep it at dry and cool place.
Keep it away from direct sunlight.
Store its original pack of this cream.

Ans: NO, AV gel moisturizing beauty gel is pocket handy.

Ans: Yes, it is much safer and effective for the treatment of dry skin and it’s helpful to remive pimples as well

Ans: Yes, you can use A-V-gel-moisturizing beauty gel on daily basis, however keep its pros and cons in your mind always.

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