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Anthelmintic & Anti Worm

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  • Banocide Forte 100mg


    BANOCIDE 100 mg tablet works wonder for the treatment of worm infections. BANOCIDE 100 mg is available in the USA from India on websites. You can freely login at


    • Generic Name : Diethyl Carbamazine
    • Brand Name : Banocide Forte
    • Manufacture Name : GSK
    • Presentation : pills (blister)
    • Product Code : TCM247 867
    • Delivery Days : 10 working days
  • Distocide 600mg


    DISTOCIDE 600 mg (praziquantal) is an anthelmintic agent, used to treat tapeworm and fluke infections.
    DISTOCIDE 600 mg is available in the USA from India on websites. You can freely login at


    • Generic Name : Praziquantal
    • Brand Name : Biltricide
    • Manufacture Name : V H Bhagat
    • Presentation : pills (blister)
    • Product Code : TCM247 774
    • Delivery Days : 10 working days
  • Mebex 100mg


    Mebex 100mg


    Mebex tablets 100mg are used to treat infestations with intestinal parasitic nematode worms in adults and children over 2 years. shop mebex 100mg usa.


    • Generic Name : Mebendazole
    • Brand Name : Vermox 100mg
    • Manufacture Name : Cipla Ltd.
    • Presentation : pills (blister)
    • Product Code : TCM247 628
    • Delivery Days : 10 working days
  • Nizonide 500mg


    Nizonide 500 mg (nitazoxanide) used to treat diarrhea caused by certain parasite infections of the intestines (cryptosporidium parvum and giardia lamblia).


    • Generic Name : Nitazoxanide
    • Brand Name : Alinia
    • Manufacture Name : Lupin
    • Presentation : pills (blister)
    • Product Code : TCM247 579
    • Delivery Days : 10 working days
  • Yomesan 500mg


    YOMESAN 500mg TABLET combined oral contraceptive with ethinylestradiol and the progestogen drospirenone.
    YOMESAN 500mg TABLETis available in the USA from India on websites. You can freely login at


    • Generic Name : Niclosamide
    • Brand Name : Niclocide
    • Manufacture Name : Bayer HealthCare AG
    • Presentation : pills (blister)
    • Product Code : TCM247 309
    • Delivery Days : 10 working days
  • Zentel 400mg


    Zentel tablet is an antiparasitic medicine, used for the treatment of parasitic worm infections. albendazole tablets online usa from india


    • Generic Name : Albendazole
    • Brand Name : Albenza
    • Manufacture Name : GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd (GSK)
    • Presentation : Tablets (Blister Packing)
    • Product Code : TCM247 307
    • Delivery Days : 10 working days

6 items


Helminth infections are one of the most frequent and dangerous illnesses, affecting a huge percentage of the global population. They are a major public health hazard in both industrialised and developing nations, causing malnutrition, anaemia, eosinophilia (an abnormally high white blood cell count), and pneumonia. Anthelmintics are drugs that are used to kill parasitic worms (helminthes) in humans.

The roundworms: Roundworms are parasitic worms that may infest the human gastrointestinal tract, particularly the small intestine. Infections are spread by ingesting contaminated food or drinking polluted water. Nausea, stomach discomfort, intermittent diarrhoea, and perianal itching are all frequent symptoms of roundworm infections. The most common reason for a visit to the doctor is the discovery of a worm in one’s faeces.
The tapeworms: Ingesting food or water infected with tapeworm eggs or larvae (small juvenile worms) causes tapeworm infection. If you eat tapeworm larvae, they mature into adult tapeworms. Worms in the intestines of your stomach (intestinal infection) Intestinal Tapeworm infections are typically mild, with nausea and weakness being the most prevalent symptoms.

The flukes: There seem to be four types of fluke infections that can cause disease in humans. Infections affecting the blood, intestines, liver, and lungs. Swimming or washing in fluke-infested fresh water is the most common way to become infected. Fever, discomfort, and eosinophilia, among other symptoms, are usually only observed in severe infections.

Oral dose forms such as pills, chewable tablets, and powders are available for all registered anthelmintics in the United States. If you have any mild or moderate symptoms and believe you have worms, you should seek medical advice before taking any treatments. Mebendazole and its equivalents Flubendazol, Piperazine, Praziquantel, and Pyrantel are some of the most commonly used. Others, like as Levamisole and Pyrvimium, have been utilised in the past but are no longer widely utilized.

Most doctors give Mebendazole, Flubendazol, Piperazine, and Pyrantel to their patients as the finest anti-worm medication. Tapeworm infections and fluke infections are also treated with praxiquantel. Our online pharmacy offers exceptional and authentic anthelmintic medications for humans, as well as rapid delivery and secure payment options, to patients worldwide.

Antihelmintic worm treatments are well tolerated and only produce major or severe adverse effects in a small percentage of cases. Tummy problems such as cramps, wind, diarrhoea, and feeling nauseous are the most often reported adverse effects (nausea) In this booklet, it is impossible to cover all of the potential adverse effects of anthelmintics. See the information brusher that comes with your medication if you want more particular information.

If you have been diagnosed with an infection, follow the instructions for taking your medications. Take it only as directed by your doctor. Complete the whole course of therapy as advised to help remove your infection. To avoid infection recurrence, scratching the buttocks area is not a good idea. Throughout the day, wash your hands and fingernails with soap often, especially before eating and after using the restroom.
After treatment, vacuum or damp mop the bedroom floor for several days to avoid dry sweeping. Keep the toilet seat clean at all times. Pork, beef chicken, fish, motton, and other raw or undercooked meats should be avoided.
When voyaging, utilize bottled water and dodge crude vegetables unless you’ll peel and wash them yourself.

Threadworm (Enterobius vermicularis) is quite common in Australian children, with prevalence estimates ranging from ten percent to half in some populations. Adult worms can occasionally be discovered in excrement, and eggs may sometimes be discovered stuck to the skin surrounding the rear-end. It’s a good idea to deworm pets on a regular basis since they can transfer additional intestinal worms.

Worm Medicine (Anthelmintics) may be purchased online from . Ascaris lumbricoides, a huge human roundworm, is believed to infect one-sixth of the population. Hookworms and whipworms, in particular, can produce pallor, making children feel weak and fatigued. In metropolitan Australia, large roundworms, whipworms, and hookworms worms are exceptional, but in rural Australia, Indigenous peoples have to deal with smaller roundworms, whipworms, and hookworms. We deliver the best of medicines in the reasonable rates and in the handsome packing. You will find @ as the most trusted and genuine sites in the pharmacy world, even recommended by pharmacists. Delivering in many countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, Russia etc across the globe, within 10-12 working days. It’s a hub of all generic medicines. Ordering is a cream puff in this user friendly website. You just need to select the medicine, put it in your cart, make payment and the same will be delivered to you. For any queries you can email us at [email protected]. Quick response from our executives and immediate solution to the issues is our forte. This website is genuine for social cause. It provides all the necessary information to the customer regarding the product, type, side effects, uses, and it is also advisable that must consult a physician before any action. Here we mentioned strictly that we are not at all responsible for any examination or check your own medical and physical condition by yourself. You must be independently determine whether to perform, use or adapt any of the advice, opinions, information or content on the website named Any exercise program may result in severe or serious injury if you do carelessly or without any supervision.It provides the customer with all the essential information about the medicines, type, side effects, uses and so on, and it also guides to check from a doctor before taking any action. Here we state humbly that we are not responsible for any investigation or to check our own medical and physical condition. Your customers independently determine whether to display, use or adapt any advice, opinion, information or content on a website called Any exercise program can cause serious injury if you do it recklessly or without supervision.

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