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Return & Refund Policy wants each and every one of its customers to be fully happy with their purchases. is a business that strives to ensure that all of its clients are completely happy with the quality of its goods. If you discover a flaw in something, or if you believe your purchase is defective, please contact us via email.

If you are not pleased with the product’s quality, we will refund your money or reship your order completely. We will refund your money and send you a new shipment if the one you received does not match the one you bought.

If your purchase has not arrived within 45 days, please contact us through email as soon as possible. If the items are not delivered within the estimated time frame, we initiate an internal inquiry. If it takes more than 45 days for the items to arrive, we have the following options. Send a text message to or call the customer care staff.

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Refunding the whole amount.

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