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Anti Alcohol Medicine

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  • Acamprol 333mg


    ACAMPROL 333 mg tablet works wonder for the alcohol addictors .Puchase ACAMPROL 333 mg tablet from Indian for all generic medicine for USA.


    Generic Name : Acamprosate

    Brand Name : campral

    Manufacture Name : sun pharma

    Presentation : caps

    Product Code : TCM247 933

    Delivery Days : 10 working

  • Dizone 250mg


    DIZONE 250 mg tablet is used to treat chronic alcoholism.DIZONE 250 mg is used to treat of alcohol addiction. You can buy online at


    Generic Name : Disulfiram

    Brand Name : Antabuse

    Manufacture Name : N/A

    Presentation : pills (blister)

    Product Code : TCM247 772

    Delivery Days : 10 working days

  • Naltima 50mg


    Naltima 50mg


    Naltima 50 mg (naltrexone hydrochloride tablets usp) is an opioid antagonist, advisable for management of alcoholism and addiction to opioid drugs.NALTIMA 50 mg tablet is used to treat chronic alcoholism. NALTIMA 50 mg is used to treat of alcohol addiction. You can buy online at


    Generic Name : Naltrexone Hcl.

    Brand Name : Depade

    Manufacture Name : Intas

    Presentation : pills (blister)

    Product Code : TCM247 586

    Delivery Days : 10 working days

3 items


Depending on the situation, a physician may be looking for a few different results when prescribing or recommending a prescription for your alcohol use problem. Some drugs can help you get through withdrawal and detox, while others treat your brain and help you recover from any hangovers you may have experienced as a result of your drinking. Your doctor may only employ one of the following treatments to treat your alcoholism:
Benzodiazepines etc.

Disulfram: Disulfram is a pharmacological therapy for alcoholics who have been drinking for a long time. For more than 50 years, the medicine has been an important element of the alcoholism treatment arsenal. If you drink while taking the drug, your skin may flush, your heart may palpate, and you may feel sick. This is meant to be a powerful deterrent to drinking.

Naltrexone: Naltrexone is a drug that is often used to treat opiate addiction, but it is also used to treat alcoholism. When you take naltrexon, you will notice a reduction in your alcohol cravings. If you’re in a treatment programme or going to 12-step meetings, the medicine should fit right in with your goal to quit drinking. You should not consider the drug to be a fast remedy for you.

Acamprosate: If alcohol was your primary or exclusive drug of choice, your doctor may prescribe acamprosate. It will help you control your desire to drink, just like naltrexone. The medications will aid in the healing of the brain alterations caused by alcoholism as well as the prevention of cravings. However, it will not do the necessary maintenance. Other treatment approaches, like as the 12 steps or counselling, will be required.

Benzodiazepines: Benzodiazepines, which include Xanx, Klonopin, and Vallum, are anti-anxiety drugs. They’re used for a number of psychiatric reasons, including helping people recover from alcoholism. Benzos are commonly used during the first stages of detoxification. You may experience seizures or other negative side effects if you do not take this class of sedative drugs.
The alcohol cessation drugs described above are quite efficient and dependable in the treatment of alcoholism. In only a few clicks, a patient may get medicine to help them stop drinking from our pharmacy, which offers excellent quality and low prices all around the world. The business is one of the finest in the world at producing high-quality, safe, and economical products and services.

Pharmaceutical medications were created to aid treatment specialists in the treatment of your drinking addiction. They will serve as instruments to aid in the implementation of current techniques and practises that have been in use for decades. For a variety of reasons, medications can aid in the treatment of your alcoholism.
Curbs cravings: Medications like naltrexone and acamprosate can help you control your alcohol cravings. Medications will suppress that unreasonable need, giving you time to relax, talk to a friend, or snooze. This may not be apparent while you are currently drinking, but after three or more days without drinking, the same urges may resurface.

Incentive stay sober: If you’re on alcoholism medication, your drinking has probably gotten out of hand. Antabuse and other similar medications will give bodily incentives to stay away from alcohol. Antabuse is a medication that prevents your body from metabolising alcohol. If you drink too much and don’t get sober, you may face medical consequences.

Psychological support: You’ll need a lot of skills in your sobriety toolbox to get the condition under control. You may require the help of a supportive network of friends and family, as well as a team of addiction experts and a daily prescription. Having that printed bottle of pills as a symbol of your education may be enough.

Deal with underlying emotions: Triggers can be emotional reactions to routine events at work, in traffic, or elsewhere. Medications might assist you in overcoming a desire by reducing tension and anxiety. Your emotions may play a significant role in your decision to drink.

You can get a prescription from your local healthcare if you require medications for your alcohol use problem or alcoholism. An inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation programme may be the quickest way to get pharmacological relief. If you require a detoxification programme, the medical staff can give you with the necessary medication.
Alcoholism affects both the body and the mind. The most effective way to recover is to get care for both the mind and the body. Speaking with a doctor about your medication options will undoubtedly provide you with additional information to aid in your recovery.

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