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Irinotel 100mg/5ml


Irinotel 100mg/5ml injection (irinotel 100mg injection) works for the treatment of cancer. This drug prevents the multiplication and spread of cancer cells. Purchase from your most reliable online Indian pharmacy called Hook best price in USA, by your doorsteps from India the known and best country specially for medicines.


Generic Name : Camptosar

Prescribed For : Treatment of Cancer, Colon And Rectum

Side Effects : Rash, Increased Heart Rate, Or Dizziness

Composition : Irinotecan Injection IP

Strength : 100mg/5ml

Brand Name : Irinotecan

Manufacture Name : Fresenius Kabi

Presentation : Injection/s Vial/s

Product Code : TCM247 100

Delivery Days : 10 to 12 working days

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Irinotel 100mg Injection is helpful in the therapy of cancer cells of colon and rectum. It shows its working by halting or hindering the growth of cancer cells.
An anti cancer drug named as Irinotel 100mg Injection. It works by stifling the action of a compound (topoisomerase I) engaged with DNA increase of the disease cells. This help back the growth of cancer cells and ultimately executes them.
Irinotel 100mg Injection is provided as an IV imbuement into vein by a certified health care expert . Your health executive will choose the area that where he want to inject to you.

It works by stifling the action of a compound (topoisomerase I) engaged with DNA increase of the disease cells. In this kind of disease, the individual may see indications like blood in the stool, an adjustment of solid discharges, weight reduction, and exhaustion. Irinotel 100mg Injection treats and furthermore brings down the danger of growing further carcinogenic developments (polyps) and inside cancer cells. It executes or stops the development of cancer growth cells and furthermore forestalls the augmentation of disease cells.
Make sure the following points before the use of this injection.
Avoid the use of alcohol with this medicine.
Are shouldn’t be Pregnant/Conceiving
You shouldn’t have Liver Impairment
You shouldn’t have Kidney Impairment

Here is a list of major or minor side effects of by this medicine, which are as follows.
Decreased white blood cell count
Hair loss
Decreased appetite
Mucosal inflammation

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