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Metrogyl 200mg


METROGYL 200 (metronidazole) treats infections of the blood, brain, lung, bones, genital tract, pelvic area, stomach and intestines.

Generic Name : Metronidazole

Brand Name : Flagyl

Manufacture Name : J.B. Chemichals Pvt. Ltd.

Presentation : Tablet/s

Product Code : TCM247 614

Delivery Days : 10 working days

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METROGYL is a large spectrum anti-infective agent which helps to treat Amoebiasis, Giardiasis, Trichomoniasis, and anaerobic bacterial infections including in H.pylori positive peptic ulcers.

Gastrointestin (GI) disturbances (nausea, unpleasant metallic taste, vomiting diarrhea or constipation), furred tongue, glossitis, stomatitis due to overgrowth of candida, antibiotic associated colitis, weakness, dizziness, taxia, headache, drowsiness, insomnia, changes in mood or mental state, numbness or tingling in the extremities, epileptiform, darkening of urine, raised liver enzyme values, cholestatic hepatitis, jaundice, thrombophlebitis anaphylaxis.


If a patient feel any problem related with the below listed diseases then you are free to take as it is:- Amoebiasis, Balantidiasis, acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis, anaerobic bacterial infections, Blastocystis hominis infection, Trichomoniasis, Giardiasis, acute dental infections, antibiotic associated colitis, eradications of H. Plori associated with peptic ulcer disease (along with omeprazole and amoxicillin)

Dosages are prescribed by the health experts. We must strictly use all these as it is. Otherwise may have side effects.
A patient ought to follow strictly the norms for susp: like always prefer it in empty Stomach or one hour before the meal has to be taken.
adults: For 5 to 10 untill problem resolve a patient must have it 400 to 800mg three times daily. Trichomoniasis 2mg as a single dose for two days or 0.6 to 1gm per day in 2 to 3 divided doses for a week. Repeat 4 to 6 weeks later if needed, giardiasis 2 mg once daily for 3 consecutive days. Acute dental infections, acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis 200mg three times per day. Anaerobic bacterial infections initial: 800mg, then 400mg 8 hourly for about seven days. Surgical prophylaxis 400mg 8 hourly in the 24 hour before surgery or operative followed post-operative by intravenous (IV) or rectal route until oral medicine is possible. Depreciation of H.Pylori associated with peptic ulcer disease with omeprazole and amoxicillin 400mg three times per day for a week. Leg ulcer and pressure sore 400mg three times per day for seven days. Antibiotic associated colitis 250 to 500 mg 2 to 3 times per day for 10 to 14 days. Anaerobic bacterial infections intravenous: 500mg 8 hourly. Surgical prophylaxis 500mg shortly per operative and repeat 8 hourly as soon as possible. Anaerobic infections as suppository rectal: 1gm 8 hourly for three days, then 12 hourly. Prevention of post-op anaerobic bacterial infections 1g 8 hourly starting 2 hour per-op. bacterial vaginosis as 0.75% gel: topical: apply 5gm 1 to 2 times per day for 5 days. Fungating tumours as 0.75 or 0.8% gel: use as directed rosacea as 0.75% preparation: use two times daily. As 1% formulation: apply once daily.

Call the health care experts immediately if the patients feel any of these following symptoms:

Allergic reaction
Dry mouth allergic reaction
Swelling on face
Abdominal pain
Muscles pain
Hives etc.

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