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Norflox 10ml Eye & Ear Drop


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  • Generic Name : Norfloxacin Benzalkonium Chl.
  • Brand Name : Chibroxin
  • Manufacture Name : Cipla
  • Presentation : Eye Drops
  • Product Code : TCM247 573
  • Delivery Days : 10 working days
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Norflox 5ml eye/ear drop is an antibiotic; prescribe in the treatment of bacterial eye or ear infections. It relieves the symptoms of the infection by preventing the further development of the causative microorganisms.

Bacterial eye/ear infections.

– Generic Norfloxacin benzalkonium chl.
– Compoposition: Norfloxacin benzalkonium

It may cause application area irritation and burning sensation immediately following application. However, these side effects are temporary and usually go away automatically. Inform your healthcare provider if they persist for a long time. While taken for eye infections, it may arise short term blurring of vision when first used. Use caution before driving or using a solution. Do not wear contact lenses while applying it.

A Norflox 5ml eye drop is an antibiotic solution. It stops the production of the bacteria that is causing the infection. It helps relieve symptoms like: redness, pain, itching, soreness or ear discharge caused due to eye /ear infections. The dose and duration of treatment will be prescribed by your healthcare provider based on your disease condition. Make sure you take the complete course of treatment. This will ensure that the infection is completely diagnosed and stops it from returning.

Norflox 5ml eye/ear drops is for external use only. Use it in the dose and duration as recommended by your physician. Hold the bottle near to the eye without touching it. Softly press the bottle and place the liquid inside the lower eyelid or ear. Wipe off extra medicine. Avoid stopping any doses and finish the full course of treatment even if you feel good.

Most side effects do not need any medical attention and go away as your body adjusts to the solution. Discuss with your healthcare provider if they persist for a long time or if you’re worried about them.

Some common side effects of Norflox 5ml Eye & Ear Drops are:

– Fever
– Application site irritation
– Burning sensation etc.

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Norflox 10ml Eye & Ear Drop (Norfloxacin Benzalkonium Chl.) From India to USA
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