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Pantocid DSR 40+30mg


PANTOCID DSR 40mg+30mg USA – purchase PANTOCID DSR 30/40 capsule (sun pharmaceutical) with a formula of pantoprazole 40 mg + domperidone 30 mg.Hook up this product just by login your genuine website


Generic Name : Pantoprazole + Domperidone

Brand Name : Pantocid DSR

Manufacture Name : Sun Pharma

Presentation : capsule/s

Product Code : TCM247 541

Delivery Days : 10 working days

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Due to sedentary life style stomach problem is much common among the people . Digestive system is going weaker day by day due to fast food and life style. But mainly it is affected children and old age people because the children are not much conscious about health. They always try to want junk food and old age people have problem of digestion problem. These both age now a days actually spend much time in sitting posture. Kids spend much time for study and over the phone. Moreover they even forget out door games due to environment and over burden of study. On the other side old people have lots of walk problems so digestion is the main cause of their stomachacke Actually in old age the digestion system does not work properly. But now days the young people also facing stomach problem due to poor life style even too. So we can say nobody is escaping themselves from stomach disease due to sedentary life style . When we discuss about the stomach disease then many disease comes our mind for example

👉Stomach cancer
👉Peptic ulcer (PUD)
👉reflux disease (GERD)
👉Gluten sensitivity and celiac disease
👉Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
👉Stomach flu
👉Inflammatory bowl disease (IBD)
👉Diverticular disease
👉Gallstones etc.
Due to to poor life style which includes food, sitting posture , sitting job, lack of walk etc are the cause of above mentioned major disease. If someone has the problem of Gastoesophageal reflux, Constipation, Stomach acid, Stomach flu, etc. then the PANTOCID DSR 40mg+30mg medicine may be very helpful& for the treatment of the above mentioned disease. Don’t take medicine without the consultation of the health care experts.If a patient wants to use this medicine then he should take only if a doctor recommend and prescribe. If a patient buy PANTOCID DSR 40mg+30mg online without Doctor’s recommendation it may be injurious to health.


There are lots of health issues in general public and medicines normally harm in one way or other. So it’s really important to inquire about the formulation of particular medicine. Moreover it is a human right to know before use of anything , specially medication kind of things. Futher are some questions:-

.Question related it work.
.Question related side effect.
.Question related brand.
.Question related use etc.
These are some common queries among the patient which is every patient want to know. But we assure you that the Pantocid DSR 40mg+30mg medicine is very genuine and reliable for the patients. Before buying the Pantocid DSR 40mg+30mg online a patient should be aware from it’s main features. So here we want to discuss some charactersticks of this medicine.


Safe and reliableThe Pantocid DSR 40mg+30mg Capsule is known and reliable capsule which has very few and mild side effects.

Quick response of PANTOCID DSR 40mg+30mg

The Pantocid DSR 40mg+30mg Capsule works fastly this is the reason that there are no medicine available in the market which is compatible this medicine in respect of fast work.
Result oriented The Pantocid DSR 40mg+30mg Capsule is a result oriented medicine which is well known among the patient for its result because Pantocid DSR 40 mg+30mg Capsule treat a stomach problem in a very effective& manners.

As we know every medicine has some side effects but the Pantocid DSR 40mg+30mg has very rare effects. That is why it is quite popular among the patient and that is the reason Doctors also recommend this capsule to the patient genuinely. But Pantocid DSR 40mg+30mg medicine has some mild side effect for example

👉Altered sense of taste
👉Deficiency of vitamin B12
👉Joint pain
👉Low magnesium in blood
👉Vomiting etc.
The above mention side effect may be raised when a patient start the PANTOCID DSR 40mg+30mg but it is not a matter of fear because this medicine cannot raise serious effects. If a person has raised some sever side effect then he should call a Doctor and explain your situation.


All generic medication impacte individual to individual. If in any case you took double or over dose of PANTOCID DSR 40mg+30mg medicine hurry to Doctor for treatment just to avoid something major. Moreover don’t jump for excess unless Doctor prescribed it

A missed dose of PANTOCID DSR 40mg+30mg

In case you miss the dose by chance then you can have it as soon as you recall. But remember don’t jump into another day because you are not advised to take a double in a day otherwise it may impact worse. Moreover take it easy and don’t feel extra ordinary. Just remember or keep an alarm for proper dosages. Moreover don’t miss so much otherwise it break the chain left no positive results.

We deliver the best of medicines of PANTOCID DSR 40mg+30mg in the most perfect packing. You will find @ as the most trusted and genuine sites in the pharmacy world, even recommended by pharmacists. Delivering in many countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, Russia etc across the globe, within 10-12 working days. It’s a hub of all generic medicines.
Ordering is a cake walk in this user friendly website. You just need to select the PANTOCID DSR 40mg+30mg put it in your cart, make payment and the same will be delivered to you. For any queries you can email us at [email protected]. Quick response from our executives and immediate solution to the issues is our forte.

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